Latest News - 09/16/11

Bironic is now sharing the webspace here. I've hosted two of her stories for some time now -- one with no title, and A Survey of Contemporary Muggle Habits, by Arthur Weasley. If you've never given her stories a shot you really should, they're intelligent and beautifully written (and I don't just say that because she's my best friend). From here on out, with the exception of those two, her stories can be found at bironic.nostatement.com. Go, read, enjoy!

.General Information for Newcomers.

What you'll find here is my own fanfic and links to various sites and stories I think are wonderful. General warning now -- I write and rec slash/yaoi stories, that's potentially explicit male/male pairings. There are further warnings on the fanfic page, but if you're alreadly bothered, turn back now. Otherwise, enjoy!


Should you need/want to, there are two easy ways to contact me:

1. The Contact form.

2. If for some reason you hate contact forms, you can email me at threesidedorchid @ nostatement.com (just get rid of the spaces if you're typing it or cutting/pasting).

Constructive feedback is always appreciated, flames will be laughed at and deleted.