I read and write slash/yaoi fanfiction -- that means men doing beautiful, naughty, often triple-x rated things to each other. Stories I recommend, and some which I write may include things like: underaged sex, bestiality (In all instances of this one character is a human in animal form and therfore consent can be given), Non-consensual, and BDSM. If one of all of these things is not your kink I suggest you read the warnings carefully and avoid those that will bother you.

Fic hosted here will have all warnings clearly stated at the top, if not in the description before the link. Do not flame me, or complain to me if you fail to heed this warning or those on the stories -- If you cannot understand what I've said here, or are uncertain what I'm talking about, I suggest you leave now and go to another site for your fanfiction. If you are underaged in your area, or for any other reason would get in trouble with your parents or the law for reading the material presented here, do us both a favor and Don't Read It.

Otherwise, enjoy!


.My Stories.

Walking Shadow
R/NC-17 - Draco/Hagrid with a side of unresolved Snape/Draco. Post-war, and Draco is still seeking peace and Safety. Written for the 2011 HP_Beholder fest in IJ.

NC-17 - Harry/Snape. In a post-Voldemort world, Snape and Harry find themselves restless. Detention has always been the answer, hasn't it? Written for one of my favorite authors, Eriador117, in the 2010 harry_holidays fest on LJ. 

Snarry_ldws Drabbles
Various - Harry/Snape. These are the 9 drabbles written for the Snarry_ldws round two competition on LJ. They range in genre, rating, and from 100 to 500 words. I won this round! whoot! (but it was a stiff competition, so I encourage you to read some of the other author's drabbles posted at the site!)

Zinnia and Honeysuckle
R-ish - Sprout/Hooch, Neville, hp_beholder 2010 Fic. Muggle plants bloom out of season in the wizarding world. They flourish and wither at the whim of magical energies, a barometer of wizard emotions.

Rites of Passage
NC-17 - Snape/Harry. Written as a pitch hit for the snape_potter Snarry-A-thon 2010. On the night of their victory, Severus finds himself at last free to play.

Thrice Turned
NC-17 - Snape/Harry (Hary/Ginny too, in a way). Snarry_games, 2009 team Snitch entry for the Genre: Genderbending/cross-dressing, and the prompts: Some enchanted evening, and, consequences. Severus has always been bad at making decisions, when left to his own devices.

Learning to Speak
Pg-13 - Snape/Harry, Snarry_games 2008 team Dragon entry for the prompts 'Ashes of Youth' and 'St. Mungo's,' romance genre. "Most men spend their lives trying to either brush off the ashes of their youth, or rekindle them. The truth is that the only way to move forward is to accept them." We Won Gold! (that's three years running! Not that I'm keeping track... )

Air Pockets
NC-17 - Ron/Draco, Merry_Smutmas 2007 fic for Kangeiko. PWP. Warnings for some dirty talk and mild breathplay. A regular tuesday for Ron and Draco... almost.

The Red Cloak
R - NC-17 - Snape/Harry, Snarry_games 2007 team Wartime contribution with the prompt 'Fairy Tales' and the Genres Angst/Romance. As ever, my summary skills are lacking, so: "He allows himself to get lost in the smooth skin, its illusion of perfection, and understands -- with the brevity of comprehension that accompanies all universal truths -- how an apple could have consumed Eve with desire." We won gold! (again! *S*)

The Hierophant
NC-17 - Snape/Lucius/Voldemort. Hp_tarot fest entry for the hierophant card. Young Severus finding his path in the world.

The Distance of Skin
NC-17 - Snape/Lupin. Slashfest response to the request "Snape/Remus: Lupin wants Sirius, Snape wants what Sirius had" PWP, Snape remembering the drastic measures he took to get closer to Lupin. Not a Shiny-happy ending.

R (to be safe) - Snape/Harry. My Team_Romance contribution to the first Snarry_Games. My prompt was "Dollhouse". We won gold! *does the dance of joy*. Post-war loneliness bring Snape and Harry together.

NC-17 - Remus/Sirius Ficlet inspired by the 15 minute ficlets word 'Undeniable'. On the surface it's all smut. This is actually part one of three interconnected ficlets. Part three is complete (Beneath Silence), part two is not. That said, there is absolutely no reason this one can't be read and (hopefully) enjoyed on its own (or I wouldn't post it).

Beneath Silence
NC-17 - Remus/Sirius Ficlet. Post-Azkaban, a portrait of Sirius. Part three of three interconnected ficlets. Part two is still in progress, but I felt it was okay to post this one anyway b/c it stands on it's own, too.

NC-17 - Snape/Harry Song parody. This isn't a fic, or a song-fic, just a parody of the song 'Silver Bells' about Harry and Snape.

Untitled - Gattaca
NC-17 - Vincent/Jerome Short fic, created for round two of the Slashfest. Vincent remembering.

Various Drabbles
Various ratings, pairings, etc. Just a page to collect my drabbles on, so expect anything and everything.



Those stories I love whose authors have kindly allowed me to host their works.

A Survey of Contemporary Muggle Habits, by Arthur Weasley
PG - By Bironic. A response to Fiction Alley's Back to School/Witching Hour Contest: "write up to 5000 words from a paper, essay or answer to an O.W.L. or N.E.W.T. question from the perspective of any character in the HP books."

No Title
PG-13 - By Bironic. Not Fanfiction (I just don't have a non-fanfiction fiction page yet) An original stoy - a summary I came up with wouldn't do it justice. I'll put it this way: I house it here b/c I think it's a wonderfull short story. If you love slash it's worth reading. It's doubly so if you love slash and were/are and english major. They're english professors in it.

Bironic's other works can be found at: bironic.nostatement.com.